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Clare B.

​I don't know what other word to use than magic. Stuart has a unique talent. Not only did my son get the SAT score he needed, but he was accepted at his first choice school.

Priscilla W.

​I did not have much confidence in the GRE, but I was reassured by Stuart's calming personality. I improved my score by 56 points and got accepted and my top three schools. The admissions plan was awesome. I am sure it was why I got accepted.

Anthony B.

My son was frustrated at one of the local SAT preparation centers because they just gave him the same cookie-cutters solutions. Stuart worked with my son in a way that just plain worked. Stuart was a coach and an inspiration and my son earned a score in the 96th percentile.

Nell A.

I can't tell you how nervous I was about the GRE. I have not been in school for over a decade and math never came easy for me. Stuart actually had me go back to middle school algebra. Stuart made that Ok, even though it felt odd at first. We really put in the hours and I am still somewhat in shock by my score. I got in the 93rd percentile...way above what I ever thought I thought I could get.

Sarah M.

​We were so stressed about my daughter getting into the schools she wanted to go to. Stuart laid out a plan that put all our minds to rest. My daughter was diligent in following Stuart's plan and earned a score of 2340 on the SAT. She got admissions offers from four of the five Ivy League schools she applied to.